The Most Sustainable Way to Source Ingredients

We cringe when we see so many industries still sourcing their ingredients from new resources when millions of tonnes of edible food is entering landfills and compost every year. That’s why we built a better way.

With Bioflakes, we’re now able to efficiently source nearly any organic material or dry food ingredient for your products, and we get it from otherwise wasted material. Bioflakes are produced through Biotrim mobile units, where we’ve automated the process to get you the highest quality, most nutrient and flavour-dense ingredients.

Spring 2022
Impact Focus
  • Reducing Food Waste
  • Upcycling Organic Bi-Products
Made For
  • Food Manufacturers
  • Animal Feed
  • Soil Enhancement
  • Textiles
  • Bioplastics


Bioflakes are our simplest version, where one specific outcome ingredient comes from one specific waste source. Everywhere we turn there is organic waste, and when we capture it from the source right before it’s wasted, we have an opportunity to preserve it’s purity and value.


Calcium Sourced from Egg-Shells Used in Pharmaceuticals
Apples from Food Processors Converted into Food Enhancers and Flavour Ingredients
Corn Waste from Food Processors Converted into Polyactic acid (PLA) by Bioplastic Producers


Bioblends can be produced when either the source itself is already mixed, or you need multiple sources blended into one ingredient. Our nerdy team of chemical and material scientists work to build you the recipe that fits your needs all the way from edible products made with fresh fruit to fertilizer made of mixed organic waste.


Processed Fish Silage from Fishery Waste for Animal Feed
Several Pure Food Waste Bioflakes Combined into Smoothie Recipe Mixes
Mixed Food Waste Converted into Animal Feed or Fertilizer

How To Get Involved

Not sure if the ingredients you need can be sourced from waste? Let’s find out together.




Consult with Us On Your Material Needs


Our Material Scientists Identify and Test Waste Sources


We Sign a Contract for Ingredient Production

Process & Preparation

Biotrim Units Start Processing and Preparing Materials

Will you help us divert waste from landfills and composting by using these sustainable and inexpensive alternatives to produce your products?