Taste the Impact of Naturally Enhanced Water

Let’s face it, raw broccoli and apples aren’t always your go-to snack. Whether you’re at home, work or constantly on the go, Enhanca is the most mouthwatering and convenient way to get the natural nutrients you need.

Made from 100% rescued fresh fruit and vegetables and designed by a professional chef, Enhanca mixes easily with water for a burst of flavour and nutrients that will keep you going strong.

Fall 2021
Impact Focus
  • Good Health
  • Zero Hunger
Made For
  • Single-Use Packages
  • Multi-Use Packages
  • Bulk for Commercial Use
100% Natural
  • Zero Added Sugar
  • No Preservatives or Colours
  • Entirely Plant-based
  • Gluten-Free


Enhanca’s journey starts with our BioTrim mobile units that rescue the juiciest produce before it’s wasted, process it on site, and capture as much of the nutrients as possible into a powdered mix.

Why do we do this? A single piece of fruit can travel farther than many people will in their entire lives. The problem is we’ll be breathing the emissions before we even taste the food, assuming it’s not part of the 644 million tons of fruit and veggies thrown away every year.

Whether you want to drink it, serve it, or use it for food production, contact us to find out how you can help reduce food waste and feed people sustainably.

enhanca - healthy water enhancer