Launch Q1 2022
Impact Focus
  • Accessible Good Health
  • Responsible Consumption & Production
Made For
  • Food and Beverage Companies
  • Established Franchises & Food Service
  • Shopping, Entertainment & Recreation Facilities

Automating Healthy Options for Everyday People

People are tired of drinking the same-old sugar water from big beverage companies, but that’s what fills most vending machines. What if we could give them convenient, healthy options that were still dripping with flavour?

Our robotic smoothie bar blends delicious frozen beverages made to order in under a minute. The Smoothie Machine is a white-label business opportunity, offering a fully-branded smoothie experience that’s convenient, fast, and needs minimal maintenance.

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Why People Love It


Delicious Without The Guilt

No added sugar, low calories, and 100% fresh fruit and vegetables means they can drink it on the way home from the gym and still feel good about it.

Fast and Convenient

Customers drink it where they are, on location with a frozen-fruit and veggie smoothie in under a minute.

Variety of Flavours

Dispense up to 5 unique beverages from smoothies to milkshakes, frozen cocktails, juice, slushies, and any liquid mix.

Low Carbon Footprint

With nothing more than a standard electrical plug, The Smoothie Machine offers a much lighter alternative to running a traditional store.

Why You’ll Love Selling It


Custom Branding

Bring exposure to your brand with a design wrap of the machine with your logo, customized cups, and a digital advertising screen to make the experience uniquely yours.

Adjustable Recipes and Pricing

Optimize the product flavours and options for your target customer and location.

Simple Setup

As long as you have the physical space and a standard electrical connection you’re ready to go - no plumbing required.

Automated Self-Cleaning

Self-cleaning after every drink means the only maintenance you’ll perform is to restock the fruit and ice each week.

Cloud Platform Technology

Electronic payments are deposited weekly and remote access to machine stock levels and status means you only check in when you need to.

Sneak Peek of the Hydration Station

Do you think we could make smoothie vending more sustainable?

You bet we can.

Later this year we’ll be announcing a completely new healthy vending option, The Hydration Station, which uses our Enhanca mixes made from rescued fresh fruit that were going to be wasted.