We create robotic and innovative solutions to rescue food waste.


It’s About Time

Food waste is not inevitable, it’s embarrassing. We need to wake up and see how ridiculous losing and wasting 1.3 billion tonnes of food globally every year is, while over 800 million people are food deprived. That’s enough food to feed the hungry four times over. Now, we have the technology to process it efficiently and distribute it easily at every stage of the food cycle. Will you join us?


Rescue excess food

Our mobile processing comes to you to capture your waste and upcycle it into Bioflakes.

Source whole food dry ingredients

We source dry ingredients for your pharmaceuticals, packaged food, animal food and more by processing fresh, raw organics with Biotrim.

Create nutritious food products

Using a ready-to-consume, nutrient-dense powder for your supplements, packaged food, or drink directly in water. Created from pure Bioflakes.

Offer self-serve delicious nutrition

Stand out from the rest with a healthy vending machine with tasty, fresh food and Enhanca smoothies.


Partner to Create the Future of Sustainable Food

Our dual mission means we don’t just rescue the 3-legged carrots from rotting in the dirt, it means we automate their conversion into nutrients we can distribute widely, including to the most hungry and marginalized. We’ve all struggled at some point. Will you stand up with us to make a difference for the people and plants in need? Join us as we move toward:

Our 2023 Goals


of food waste upcycled per unit


Biotrim Units running and processing


Servings of fruit and veggies donated


Partners activated in eliminating food waste and hunger

How To Get Involved