Get Creative with Rescued Ingredients

Shelf-stable ingredients to meet your sustainability goals and create better tasting, healthier products and menu items.

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We’ll Help You Innovate & Stand Out

  • Include powerful flavours without anything artificial
  • Fortify your foods with all natural, plant-based nutrients
  • Add the rescued and upcycled message to labels and menus

Dried Fruit & Vegetable Powders

100% pure, no additives or preservatives – and all that flavour in just 10% of the size and weight!

Bake into granola bars
Mix into fillings & syrups
Infuse into beverages & so much more!

Whatever you make, make it sustainable.

Whatever you make, make it sustainable.

Aseptic Fruit & Vegetable Purees

Perfectly ripe fruits and vegetables, rescued, pureed and ready-to-eat. Reduce labour and storage, go for convenience instead (and more flavour!)

Drizzle over deserts
Cook into sauces
Brew into beer
The options are endless!

Try Our Signature Rescued Blends

Available in puree and powder, these tropical blends bring unique flavours to your sweet or savoury innovations – everything from desserts & baking, to sauces, beverages, dressings and more.

Get Started With the Smoothie Kit

Use our blends to easily add 4+ new healthy and delicious smoothies to your menu.

Reduce Your Foodprint with Trendi Ingredients

Less food waste on farms

Cost effective shipping

Reduced shelf space required

No need for cold storage

Tell Us What You Need.

Our food scientists and chefs are here to help you innovate new products or transition your recipes to rescued ingredients.