Pure fruits and vegetables, shelf-stable and rescued from the farm with BioTrim.

Your next packaged food or menu item will now taste great AND reduce food waste.

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Impact Focus
  • Reducing waste in storage and transportation
  • Reducing GHG emissions
Made For
  • Food Manufacturers
  • Food Service & Hospitality
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Pet Food


The minute we stepped foot on our partner’s Ecuador farm, the fragrance of sun ripened fruit made your mouth water. Top this off with their mission to make jobs for women in a tough market and it was a perfect fit for BioTrim.


The shelf-stable alternative you need to create recipes that taste like you picked ingredients from the farm yourself.

  • Pasteurized: 12+ months shelf life with no cold storage required

  • No preservatives or additives


Freeze-dried ingredients that focus on sustainability without compromising on mouth-watering flavour.

  • Add rich colours, nutrients, and flavour to your recipe

  • Only 1/10th the size and weight of raw

  • Long shelf-life means easy inventory management

  • Upcycled & traditionally sourced options

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Available Ingredients

In puree and powder versions, organic* where mentioned

Need Something Else?

Impact of Upcycled Ingredients

01 Rescuing Unused Food At The Source

02 Reducing Downstream Spoilage & Waste

03 Finding Uses for the ‘Trim’, Seeds & Peels

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