About Trendi


We imagine a world where food isn’t wasted, where it’s sustainably produced, appreciated, and accessible to all. Our team of misfits is here to stand up for every left-behind food and build a system that sustains life.


Craig and Carissa have always had a plate in one hand and a business in the other, and their individual journeys combine to over 45 years of experience in hospitality. They were each a misfit with a unique background, one became a professional chef & restaurateur, the other a cold-pressed juice and smoothie entrepreneur and digital marketer.

When they finally had a chance to eat from the same menu, they realized they shared a crucial concern. How the hell can we waste all this food while so many people go hungry?

The ambitious idea on the back of that napkin in 2018: Use robotics and automation in the food industry to rescue, revive, and redistribute nutritious food. The idea was Trendi.

The best part of our story is that it hasn’t ended. The food rescue movement is growing, we’re growing, and you can be a part of it too.

We hope you join us on our journey!
Craig and Carissa


Food Waste Is A Lie

There is no such thing as food waste, only food that is wasted. Every link in the chain can be improved if we stop falsely accepting that food waste is inevitable.

We're Responsible

We each play a part in the system, and we’re responsible for it. We each have the ability to respond and do something about it. How we buy, the companies we make, and the conversations we drive will dictate how we move forward.

Give Another Chance

Just like the new life we give to food destined for landfills, we believe people need second chances too. Whether it’s children going days without meals or people with barriers to finding employment, we always ask if we can give another chance.

We Don't Try to Impress

We embrace our humanity, quirkiness, and we’re proudly unique individuals who are here for action not accolades. We’re here for impact, not importance.

Everyone Deserves Food

We jump to action when we see more than a quarter of the global population is affected by food insecurity, and it’s growing. How will we fight back? By helping reduce Canada’s 58% of food that is wasted or lost every year.