Burnaby, BC, CANADA – TrendiTech Inc. (Trendi), a Canadian robotics agri-tech company dedicated to rescuing and upcycling food waste into valuable products, is excited to announce the unveiling of the BioTrim – the first mobile freeze dry unit of its kind in the world. Currently located in British Columbia, the BioTrim will act as Trendi’s lab research and development, where it will test ingredients and create shelf-stable samples from misfit fruits and vegetables.

“We are so proud of our team for all the hard work they have put into developing, creating, and testing the BioTrim,” says Carissa Campeotto, co-founder and CMO, TrendiTech Inc. “This BioTrim realizes a big goal for us, and completes phase one of our plans. In just a year-and-a-half, we’ve been able to go from concept to reality. It’s very exciting and only the beginning for our company.”

Trendi’s BioTrim units use various end-to-end processing technologies, such as UV and ozone cleaning, dicing, pureeing, and drying techniques to create nutrient-rich ingredients, typically as freeze-dried powder. Freeze-dried powders are usually 1/10th the original weight and size and retain up to 97 percent of their original nutrients, flavours and colour. 

This mobile unit can function autonomously, making it a great option for places, such as rural communities, that may not have easy access to certain utilities.

“It has been both challenging and rewarding in bringing the mobile BioTrim unit to life,” explains Rodolfo Piendrabuena, CTO, TrendiTech Inc. “Between a tight time frame, supply chain issues, and designing a full processing plant inside a small space, our dedicated team has worked very hard. We are very proud. The BioTrim truly showcases what our technology has to offer and more.”

Trendi will now focus on using the BioTrim lab in the field, while working on its large scale modular facilities.

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