Just last week, Plug and Play Alberta, an organization dedicated to attracting top talent and start-ups in technology, announced their inaugural Food and Beverage program and Trendi has made the top 10 list! 

The goal of the program from Plug and Play Alberta is to “promote innovation on a global scale in Alberta by creating channels for business development, mentorship, and the testing of pilots and proof of concepts between selected startups and the program’s founding partners.” This program connects the best and brightest startups with some of the world’s largest food and agricultural institutions to reach new heights in the industry.

“We are so excited to be selected in Plug and Play’s first cohort group for its new Food and Beverage program,” says Curtis Wong, Partnerships Director of Trendi. “Their mission to focus on technology behind farm-to-table processes and innovation definitely aligns with what Trendi is doing, and exactly where we see ourselves in the future. We are amongst great company, and can’t wait to see what this opportunity will bring.”

The other nine companies selected include: Earthware Reusables, GrainFrac, HyVida, Liven Proteins, NuVessl, Opalia, Savefruit, Syzl, and Techbrew Robotics.

An advisory panel was enlisted to help select and guide the start-ups, including representatives from Bioenterprise Canada, Coca-Cola Bottling, Agropur, Sobeys, Sodexo, Pepsico, Calgary Co-op, and the Canadian Food Innovation Network.

The program is three-months long and will run until the next Plug and Play Alberta EXPO from May 29-30, 2023 in Calgary, when Trendi and our follow cohorts will graduate!

To learn more, please visit: Plug and Play Alberta