Canada’s agri-food robotics company, Trendi, is giving the global community a new way to help combat food waste with the creation of its first ingredients line. Officially launching at SXSW, Trendi’s rescued ingredients feature nutritious, sustainable, and shelf-stable powders and purees made from rescued fruits and vegetables, which can be used across a variety of industries. 

Trendi’s rescued ingredients are currently sourced directly from farm partners in Ecuador, using “misfit” and unsold fruits and vegetables. At launch, they will feature four blended flavours in both powder and puree form, such as Berry Breeze, Mango Tango, Strawburst, and Groovy Guava.

“When we first started Trendi, we always knew we wanted to create a product line that uses rescued fruits and vegetables, and make nutritious ingredients accessible and affordable at the same time,” says Carissa Campeotto, co-founder, TrendiTech Inc. “Our ingredients are versatile and have many different applications – from smoothies, baked goods, to marinades, sauces and also pet food. They will help make an impact and work towards our goal to reduce food waste in a positive way.”

Both the powders and purees have intense flavours, particularly the powders because freeze-drying locks in the flavour and nutrients in about 10 percent of their original size and weight. The powders are lightweight, shelf-stable, and easy-to-store – no refrigeration is required. Both formats allow chefs and manufacturers to have flavourful natural ingredients on hand at all time while also reducing the inventory headaches of fresh ingredients that spoil quickly.

On Saturday, March 11, 2023, Trendi is hosting the Future of Food Culinary Showcase during SXSW. This event was created in collaboration with Austin Community College, where culinary students team up with local chefs to create new dishes incorporating innovative ingredients, such as Trendi’s rescued ingredients. Others include plant-based meats, upcycled ingredients, cultivated fats and proteins, and more.

Attendees will have the chance to taste the dishes, while celebrity chefs will judge and offer feedback on each creation.

“We’re sending the teams Berry Breeze and Mango Tango flavours and are excited to see what the students and chefs come up with,” adds Christine Couvelier, president, Trendi. “Students are our future, and Trendi has already been working with several other culinary colleges to design similar food waste innovation challenges.”

Trendi’s rescued ingredients are already on the market, available to wholesale clients. Companies or organizations interested in trying samples or learning more can contact

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