New California Law is Making Food Waste History

When we think of California we first think of sunshine, surfing, palm trees and movies. But not only is California the sunshine state of film and fantasy, the state is also leading the way in food sustainability with a new food waste law released.

Starting in January of 2022, not only is the largest state in the USA requiring every city and county to have a program to collect organic waste– but they are requiring the waste to be turned into compost, biofuel or energy. Making it illegal to just throw food “away”.

This long-overdue policy change will have immense positive impacts on greenhouse gas reduction and food waste.

One of the goals of this law is to divert 20% of unused, edible food to those who need it by 2025. Regulations to meet that goal focus on supermarkets and other large food providers. (The rules do not force residents or small businesses to recycle edible food.) The surplus goes to food banks. This is amazing!

At Trendi, we are all about eliminating food waste so seeing this massive policy change in California is something we applaud!

The Future of Food Waste in California

California is clearly taking food waste seriously because starting in 2024 fines will start to be levied for failing to separate organic refuse from other trash.

This doesn’t just apply to household waste, in 2024 hospitals, restaurants, schools, food distributors and food manufacturers must also donate their unused & wasted food as well.

This is incredible progress and a huge policy change to support the reduction of food waste and the subsequent harm it causes (methane gas released, worsening food insecurity, resource management, etc).

We really hope that other states and countries take inspiration from this initiative and bring food waste laws into effect very soon.

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Article written by:

Christine Couvelier, Chief Culinary Innovation Officer

With over 30 years as an executive chef and culinary trendologist, Christine is not just a foodie, she is THE foodie. Christine is known for predicting food trends and connecting with consumers to develop global food business strategies.